The Lisa Project
11th Contact
Lisa called Hewlett Packard. She was talking with the corporate offices. She was talking with Debra Dunn about the problems. Debra put Lisa on hold for 43 minutes. Lisa hung up.
12th Contact
Lisa called the offices of Hewlett Packard again and got the now infamous Bill. Bill was unable or uninterested in solving the problems so Lisa hung up and started looking in a different direction.
13th Contact
Lisa had been out to Wal-Mart and visited with the guys in the electronics department. She got the names of local reps working for Hewlett Packard. She tried the first number but they still haven't responded to their message. The second number was for TRACY GLASS(quite obviously someone who is bucking for employee of the decade). Tracy was interested in the problem. Maybe HP needs to promote Tracy to  train people in how to have pride in the job they are doing. Tracy put in a call to someone at HP and said to call her back if someone had not contacted us within 24 hours to help bring resolution to the problem. (Tracy said that Wal-Mart had not been her account for over 4 years--but she was interested in helping to get this situation resolved!!)
14th Contact
Lisa hadn't heard from anyone at HP today so she called Tracy back. Tracy in turn told Lisa that she would contact Gregg Gordon at the Escalation Center.
15th Contact
Lisa talked with Bob Lewis in the executive offices. Bob said there was no phone number for Gregg Gordon and that he would get Gregg to call back.
16th Contact
Lisa called Bob Lewis back in the executive office to ask if he got up with Gregg. He said Gregg would call back by the end of the day or first thing in the morning.
17th Contact
Lisa called 1-800-474-6836. She asked them what they showed about it. Lisa was put on hold for 13 minutes. She hung up.
18th Contact
Gregg called back. He said the motherboard came in AND THAT THERE WAS SOME OUT OF WARRANTY DAMAGE TO THE COMPUTER!!! LIKE SOMEONE SPILT SOMETHING ON THE KEYPAD!!! . Gregg told them to fix it today. He will do a service status request. Computer should ship out tomorrow. I am supposed to call Gregg tomorrow to see what HP needs to do to see that I am happy.
19th Contact
I called Gregg once...of course I couldn't get through had a voice mail option, hung up. Called Gregg later left message on voice mail for Gregg. I Left my name and particulars. The voice mail said someone would call back within 2 hours. Of course, they did not. Did not receive a call back on this day. Computer is supposed to be fixed and shipped out today per Gregg's conversation with Lisa yesterday. Of course, I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm also a little worried that the computer will not return to me in as good a shape as I shipped it in (read the note above about the out of warranty damage) . Man, what a nightmare. However, Gregg said my computer was supposed to ship today so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt about the computer being shipped out today. I'll know more about this in the morning,
20th Contact
Referring to the 13th contact, the rep who Lisa called first, I think she said her name was Dana, called back and left a message on the answering machine referring us to the 800 number for technical support. Message said if this was not the type of problem we had to call her back--another HP employee passing the buck on to someone else.
21st contact
Well, finally, I get to look at my computer again. I had almost forgot what it looked like. I guess Gregg did come through for me. If things had kept going like they were, I don't know when I might have seen my computer again. HP to this point has been the most disinterested party in my inconvenience or lack of satisfaction about the timeliness of this repair or my general satisfaction in their product. I simply cannot understand this from a customer service standpoint. I recently saw an article about HP interviewing their president, Carly Fiorentino(I think I got that right). The article stated HP objective in several different areas. I don't see HP making an impact on this industry if they do not improve their customer support.
22nd contact
I tried to call Gregg Gordon back. He was supposed to offer me some kind of software or something to make me happy(er). I left a voice mail for him to call me back. Guess what he didn't call. I also tried one more time a week or so later. Same response. Gregg works in the escalation department. I guess Gregg wasn't terribly concerned with whether I was happy or not. Sounds like another run of the mill HP situation. I'm still not happy. I'm also not sending my laptop back to HP again. I guess if it goes bad again, I'll just trash it and buy a Dell...probably what I should have done in the first place...Well,I had my computer back for a number of days and IT FUZZED OUT AGAIN...SAME TYPE OF PROBLEM...I held it a few days weighing my options, then sent it back.
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