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I know that you are probably as disinterested as the rest of the staff at HP, however, I thought I would send you an email. My computer has been down since 7/4. I was riginally told it would be back in 3-5 business days. Now I am told that your company is waiting on a part. If the part comes in when it is supposed to then my computer should be ready by the completion of 12 or more business days, which translates into a total of around 16 or more days. Unfortunately most of us do not exist only on business days. This is proving to be an extreme inconvenience to me! At the end of this repair period your company will have been in possession of the computer for longer than I have. I certainly hope you treat your customers in the future better than this. I had looked on this brand of product in a better light a few days ago. In the future I will reflect long and hard on this experience before purchasing another hp/compaq product.

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