New Problem....More Customer Support....Still Working in Lisa contact Mode ..All calls made or received by Lisa unless otherwise noted!!
8:39 AM
23rd Contact
Lisa called HP...Talked with Hena Loc....transferred to Michael Williams...transferred to Grant Matthews(Pavillion Notebook Manager). Grant could not do anything, even though he's the Pavillion Notebook Manager...Much passing of the buck
2:30 PM
24th Contact
Annie Channakhone called back from executive office....Annie was good enough to assign us a case number..#7302502389....Boy, doesn't that feel better now...gave the number 1-800-756-0608..option 7...for customer loyalty representative
2:41 PM
25th contact
Lisa called 1-800-756-0608 option 7..."Your call cannot be completed at this time...try again later"
2:46 PM
26th contact
Talked with Yen Spell? at executive offices...within 24 to 48 hours they will contact us regarding refund and/or replacement
4:15 PM
27th contact
Lisa called...Carol at the executive offices said she would forward info to gregg--since he handled this before--he can handle as continuing problem and take care of it.
4:15 PM
28th contact
Here we go again...Lisa called the executive office again...this time she got the infamous Bill...said Greg was not available...not able to give me Greg's phone number.."they don't give that out"..took Lisa's name and phone number again and said Greg would call me back
4:30 PM
29th contact
Bill called back..said someone would be calling back...system down...AT A COMPUTER COMPANY???? serial number again
2:06 PM
30th contact
Lisa called 1-800-756-0608 option 7...Carol...suggested that I call that # again...and get someone that does not have a rollover phone that has computer access and can help me. She can only take a name and number
2:29 PM
31st contact
Lisa called 1-800-756-0608 option #4...Mission Control...Elaine cut off
2:33 PM
2nd contact
Barbara at 1-800-756-0608 option 7 said that Gregg Gordon was not available
2:43 PM
33rd contact
Called Wal-Mart again...asked for Pat (manager)...Pat was not in today...will be working all day tomorrow at Eufaula
2:48 PM
34th contact
Option 4...customer loyalty rep...Ed Lavarias...gave the name of Tim Metcalf..manager over escalation..Ed said hold after I told him what was going on..Linda with executive office picked up and said..she would try to help me...put me on hold at 2:57... she came back at 2:59 said that Gregg would call me back when he gets off the phone..she will continue to call him until he answers...and let me know what was going on
3:06 PM
35th contact
Talked with Mike at Bank One...he said Mastercard Assurance would handle this
3:07 PM
36th contact
Called 1-800-MCASSIST...spoke with Ryan said manufacturer warranty still applies...said to call 1-800-300-3069 to lodge a complaint
3:15 PM
37th contact
Talked with Adrian with BankOne..We can try to dispute the amount of the computer on our card but after 60 days limited amount only -- looked to see if he had any #'s for HP that he could give me...Corporate Hqtrs....650-857-1501...fax 650-857-5518
3:36 PM
38th contact
Callled Linda cut off....3:41...still on answer....3:43...still on answer
3:44 PM
39th contact
no cut off
3:48 PM
40th contact
Listening to music waiting for customer loyalty rep...on hold at 3:50 PM..trying once more
3:52 PM
41st contact
Barbara answered...said Linda was on the phone...I said I would hold..she took my name and number once again...said Linda would call me right back
4:44 PM
42nd contact
No call back from Linda...trying to call Linda back...left message for Linda to call me back
5:12 PM
43rd contact
called back...left message for Tim Metcalf to call me back...Linda went home without returning my call.
5:15 PM
44th contact
Tim Metcalf called back...Stan talked with him..pointed out HP's agreement with Wal-Mart and made a point of telling him Wal-Mart's account of HP Policy...satisfaction--refund or a new product..Tim got the figures of the purchase price and gave the fax number to send proof of purchase and said HP would make arrangements for return of laptop and would process refund...that it usually takes 7-14 days for refund.
1:38 PM
45th contact
Lisa called 650-857-1501, Tim asked if we had talked with "this office"..Lisa replied that she had..He asked when..Lisa replied that the last contact was 10/06 at 5:15 pm..Tim said "Hold on, let me see if you are in our system"..then he asked for our phone number Lisa gave him our home phone number. He asked if that would be the number her husband gave. She said try my work phone number..I see an old record under your husband's name.."I am the executive office ..Do you have your labels to send it back?"..Lisa replied that we would not send it back until we got our refund..and followed that when we sent it back before you lost it..Tim has not recieved the fax that we sent with our name on it last time..gave Lisa a new fax number 650-813-3254 said to make sure our phone number and address is on the fax.
3:45 PM
46th Contact
Stan called HP to confirm receipt of Fax at HP sent earlier today.David answered the phone. I asked for Tim Metcalf. David responded that he did not know if Tim was in. David went to see if my fax was received. David did find my fax and said he would make sure it got into Tim's hands.
5:16 PM
47th Contact
David called Stan back. He verified my address and that I was shipping computer back. He verified that HP would send a check for a refund after HP received computer. David gets an "A" in customer service. HP could use a few more like him. Click here to go to the next page displaying various packing pics and tracking info.
Mid January
48th Contact
Situation Resolved! HP sent a check! Go David and many thanks to the participation of the Lisa contact.