Tue, 29 Jun 2010

New..Cool..Google Voice!

One of the coolest services I've used lately is Google Voice. It is a virtual telephone number with several cool features. Coll feature 1..You can send calls through this service to any phone you want (cell phone, home phone..you pick, change when you want). Cool feature 2..Voice mail transcribed(or at least attempted) to SMS messages. This feature is good! You can look at the message and determine if, and when, you need to respond..you can also route the voice mail to your email with a clickable link to listen. Cool feature 3..Never give out your cell phone number again. Just give out your Google number and you can choose how each call and caller is routed(If you make a misread on who you release your number to you can automatically send the caller to voice mail or to receive a busy signal or to a message of your choice). I read regularly that Google is set to topple Microsoft as the next "evil empire" with the amount of data they are amassing and that they may try to assimilate your information and use it for some evil purpose..so if you have some paranoid tendencies, you may want to avoid it..otherwise it's pretty cool.Google Voice Link

Blog Posted By Stan Powell on Tue, 29 Jun 2010 09:00:41 CST